Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One Free Way to Promote Your Business That Works!

Last week I sent an intimately personal email to my close circle of influence that included friends and Clients. This week I chose to reiterate my request by sending a new email almost identical to the first one with only a few minor additions and here is that email;

I addressed each email individually to the persons name and sent them one at a time with a better result to...


Hello Matt,

I sent you this same forward friendly email last week where I thanked you in advance for your willingness to refer me to others who may need my services! I want to stay fresh in the minds of my close business associates and friends in the event they see the opportunity to refer me to others. As you already know I can offer anyone you know and refer me to a-la-carte or turnkey services that will help them quantum leap their business, project or venture.

Please forward this email to anyone who may have a need for my services!



Owned by Asia Brown, she answered a CraigsList ad and allowed me to immediately create a brand and image that would sell itself. I have had the pleasure to serve her ongoing needs by;
Logo Design
Business Card, Stationery, Envelope Design
Folder Media Kit Design with Brochures and Flyers
Website Design
Business Profile Design (similar to a business plan as a clickable download in pdf on her website)
Spokesmodel Video design (2 so far) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3_pp1lkeSI
WordPress and Blogger Design
Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization including Blogging
Cooperative Relationship Building
Partnership Initiatives
We are working on her Mobile App now
Direct Mail Campaign which is ongoing
I will be seeking concessions, incentives and tax credits soon
I have already referred her to personal/business credit professionals and she is close to funding now



Owned by Ed Nissen, he also answered a CraigsList ad and allowed me to immediately create his brand and image that is now leading to new Clients. I have had the pleasure to serve his ongoing needs in the areas of;
Logo Design
Business Card, Stationery, Envelope Design Brochure Design
Flyer Design
Website Design
Blogger Blog Design and Blogging
Social Media Consulting
Coaching & Introduction to those in my Circle of Influence that are now helping him grow his business
Direct Mail Campaign that is ongoing
Spokesmodel Video Design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrKpNPqpv5Q
I have referred him to personal/business credit professionals and he is close to funding as well
Business Profile Design (similar to a business plan as a clickable download in pdf on his website)

You can see many more samples of my work on my websites;




as well as read Testimonials from a large number of my Clients. What I can do a-la-carte and/or turnkey in a package is very rare as I write all content and coach my Clients on a wide diversity of strategies to expedite their business development. Some of my services that are available in addition to the above are;
SAM Registration (coaching or I can do it for you)…
DNB Credit Builder Plus Program Management...
Logistical Mapping and JIT (just in time) Infrastructure Strategies...
Contract Writing...
Strategies to Raise Private and Conventional Capital...
Direct and Bulk Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Campaigns (coaching or I can do it for you)…
Building Cooperatives and Partnerships (coaching or I can do it for you)…
Business Evaluations…
Business Plan and Presentation Design…
Power-Point and Keynote Presentation Design…
Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns…
and more...

I am happy to dialog with anyone who has a need and I can give a pricing quote based on their needs individually. I deeply appreciate your time and kindness in forwarding this email to others within your circles of influence!

I look forward to being of service however before I close I realize that; a. it takes time to forward this email and b. that you may not want to introduce me to everyone you know however my reply is that I am asking you to do this for me because you are my Client and/or Friend and I will gladly do the same for you upon request. It is the “intimate efforts” that you are capable of when referring me that will make all the difference in the world and what better way to become an option to new Clients than to be introduced by a Client and/or Friend who knows me? I believe that what we do each day comes back to us multiplied and therefor I work to put out as much good as I can. If you would like me to do the same for you just send me a forward friendly email and I will gladly forward it for you.

Have an incredible day!

Then my email had my signature with phone, email and url...


My diligence paid off because after this second request I received several immediate replies with an apology that they had not did as I had requested after receiving my first email. It is always a shot in the dark but there is no better way to gain new Clients than to be referred by existing Clients who know first hand the quality and benefit of your products and services.

This is what I do through both of my businesses;

As a business consultant, business plan, presentation and rfp writer, social media strategist and published author I have a vast amount of expertise and knowledge that will save my Clients time and money while helping them quantum leap their success! I can help any business, project or venture with a wide range of turnkey services delivered fast! Contact me today to learn more about what I offer and read the testimonials on my websites and see my portfolio as you will be impressed!

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